Hello, it’s me.

It’s been weeks since I last posted and probably will be a weeks before I post again but I felt like sharing today. I’m hoping to get back in the blog groove after the new year but we shall see.

Life is still wonderful with my puppy bear. He’s growing so fast and is so smart! I’m beyond thankful that he came into our lives ❤

beach puppip

In other news, the Disney Marathon is in 37 days! OH MY GOSH, I cannot wait! My training hasn’t been too ‘magical’ but it is what it is. I’m running with my friend Catherine and we’re both on the same page (thank god). It’s more of a fun run for us, with zero timing expectations -> AKA shout out to the 7 hour time limit, i love you. We really only run races for the t-shirts anyway…….. I can’t wait to run around Disney (especially the castle!), take pictures with all of the characters along the way, and to rock an awesome costume. I haven’t quite decided what I want to wear yet, but Buzz Lightyear is at the top of the list. Best of all, another state will be checked off the list!

Well, that’s all I’ve really got right now. It’s not much but I’m just TOO excited to go run around Disney as well as pretend to be a wizard for a day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


Have you run Disney before? If so, what’s your best piece of advice? Can I sneak off course to go on a ride ;)?


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  1. Welcome back and ENJOY DISNEY!!! Have a blast 🙂

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    1. Thanks!!!! Hope you’re doing well!!

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  2. Amy Lauren says:

    I hope you have fun at Disney! If I did a Disney race it would be purely for fun too, I would shoot for another one for a PR. Dress up, run, and enjoy it :).

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