8 Safety Tips For Running In The Dark

There’s no doubt that early morning running is dark and scary! However, it needs be done because I know myself and know I won’t run after work unless it’s an absolute must! While I was making the 4:45am trip to the gym during the winter months, I switched to running after work once the times changed which was a total mistake. I struggled to get back into a morning routine until a few weeks ago. My training suffered due to inconsistency and lack of motivation. Now that things are movin’ & groovin’, I decided before heading back to the gym again that I need to take advantage of these beautiful fall mornings before it gets too cold out!

IMG_7949the perks of early morning running -> Good Morning Sun

Whether you’re an early morning or evening runner, these tips should be useful to you!

  1. Wear Bright/Reflective Clothing – stand out when you run! As flattering as black is, neon colors & whites are easiest to see in the dark & that is what’s most important!
  2. Wear/Carry Lights – anything to help get you seen! There’s so many options such as a head lamp, using your cell-phone flashlight, knuckle lights, a reflector vest with LED lights, etc. I’ve been using this vest, a head lamp, and my phone flashlight. Check these out for when it gets colder outside!
  3. Choose a Well-Lit Route – not only does this help with making you seen but it always helps you see where you are going! It’s a little less scary, too.
  4. Vary Your Route – Run a few different routes and switch up the your routine. Potential attackers pick up on consistency which really freaks me out. For extra protection, consider carrying pepper spray on you
  5. Turn Off The Tunes – Listening to music tends to be a distraction and reduces awareness of your surroundings. You might not be able to hear a car beeping, a bicyclist coming up behind you, a potential attacker… If that doesn’t work for you (it doesn’t for me because I end up freaking myself out more making things up in my head..), try leaving an earbud out as well as lowering your music.
  6. Run Facing Traffic – in case you need to jump out of the way of car that may not see you! Also, try to run on the sidewalk as much as possible.
  7. Run With a Buddy – There’s strength and safety in numbers. If you’re like me, you may have trouble finding someone who wants to hit the streets with you at 5am. So, if you’re running alone, let someone know when you’re heading out the door, the route you plan on running, and approximately how long you think you’ll be out there.
  8. Always Carry IDjust in case something happens, carry your license or another form of ID.

What’s your best tip for running in the dark?

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  1. It’s amazing how much a head lamp will light you up. I noticed another runner wearing one, and wanted one immediately! I also carry other lights, and wear a fluorescent yellow jumper and fluorescent yellow reflective vest.


  2. Sam says:

    Thanks for posting this! I need some motivation to get out in the morning but it has been so dark lately and is just getting worse each day. I think I want to get some knuckle lights, and those gloves are pretty sweet too.

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    1. I was struggling too for a while. Just gotta commit to it and after a week you won’t wanna stop! I also saw these really cool lights that go on your heels!


  3. I am terrible at numbers 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8! Ugh!!! I needed this reminder though. In the morning, I fear I will always be bad at 3,4, and 7 – but I can eliminate the tunes and wear my Road ID. Great tips!!!


  4. These are really good tips. I love night runs in summer, but as the weather gets cooler there are fewer people at night so safety first.

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