Chicago Training [Week 2]

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend… I sure did 🙂 Watched some softball games (aka colored Frozen pictures all night), made a trip to the farmers market for some fresh kale, attended Brewfest where I saw some old but good friends, ate a bomb bagel sandwich & plan on going for my long run once it gets a little cooler out! All in all, pretty solid weekend.

IMG_7762-0lettuce + carrots + sprouts + tomato + pepper + avocado + cheddar
IMG_77654th year in a row!IMG_7763Kenny & Krista!IMG_7764

Chicago Training – Week 2

Although I got out there for most of my training runs, I’m feeling bad that I didn’t run them all. I’m really struggling with getting up early but hate running after work! I also had planned on starting BBG again last week but that didn’t happen (ugh). Now that we’re only 12 weeks out, it would be perfect timing to start tomorrow (again) & finish the week of Chicago. I know I need to buckle down because the weeks are going to start to fly and I have goals that I want to reach. I’m hoping to be much more successful this week!

Monday- Rest day

Tuesday- 5 miles w/ 20 min tempo

Wednesday- 7 miles easy

Thursday- 5 miles w/ 7 x 20 sec hills @ 95% effort

Friday- I didn’t run…

Saturday- I didn’t run…

Sunday- 13 miles once it cools down!


I was planning on running a half marathon next Sunday for my 25th birthday but I’m not too sure that I’m going to anymore. I think it would be awesome to start 25 with a race, but I don’t feel like I’m in race shape. We will see what happens as the week goes on…


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  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Good luck with deciding on the half. Even if you’re not in race shape it might be fun to do as your long run (or if you have say, a 15, just run 2 before or something). If nothing else it’s an aided long run and those are always good when training for a marathon or even a half marathon in my case.

    I think the motivation to wake up early and work out is gone for everyone by Thurs/Fri! I’m good with it Mon-Wed and also on Sat/Sun for long runs. Thurs and Fri are the hard ones and of course no one wants to go after work especially not on Friday. Glad you got some runs in on the other days though.

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    1. That’s what I was thinking, may be fun even if I just take it slow & easy. I would be counting it as my long run & actually scheduled it into my training plan! I’m with you on the early morning motivation… whatever small amount I have def dwindles as the week goes on. I hope you have a great week of running!


  2. kmikus110 says:

    Oh man 30 miles a week on week 2?! Good for you! Good luck deciding! (Although you should
    Do the race 🙂 )

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    1. Thank you :)! I know I should just do it.. probably will but we will see!!


  3. Still think you did great – killing it! You’ll be ready for Chicago. I actually prefer 12 week training plans. Keep it up!!! I hate the heat after work – I don’t deal with it now because I’m a teacher but I feel your pain in May and late August – ROUGH!

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    1. I’m hoping to really get in the swing of this week! I think I prefer 12 weeks too especially when you have a good base going! Time to get down to business 🙂

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