Thug Kitchen & Plant-Based Struggles

A friend of mine recommended a Vegan cookbook the other day for deliciously easy recipes as well as an entertaining read -> Thug Kitchen (eat like you give a f*ck). SOLD. I bought it last night and can’t wait to get cooking! I’ve only read a few pages, but I’m already laughing and hungry.


After doing some research, this was originally a blog started in 2012 (still active) and the authors stayed anonymous until about a year after the book was first released. Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis are a couple based out of California. When their long-hidden identities were revealed last fall, there was a huge uproar! Since the title uses the word “Thug”, people assumed that the authors weren’t caucasian. Well they are. Readers were not impressed and I guess felt duped? (Read here & here.) I’m not really sure what the big deal is but that’s besides the point.

Bottom line: I can’t believe I didn’t own this book sooner! It has such delicious recipes that are relatively easy to whip up AND they are all vegan! It reminds me of ‘Skinny B*tch’, the way that the authors talk to their audience with profanity while promoting a vegan lifestyle.

Speaking of a vegan lifestyle… I’ve been struggling with the transition to a plant-based diet. Some days are better than others, that’s for sure. I know it’s my own decisions, attitude, fears, and laziness that’s holding me back but I also know that it won’t happen overnight. I’ve been pretty good about not eating meat (tomorrow marks 4 months besides seafood/fish!). I’ve kicked my morning eggs habit and have only been eating them if they are an ingredient in something. However, the hardest thing for me so far is forgoing dairy. the struggleAs previously stated, I’ve never been a milk drinker so that’s been easy, but dairy is an ingredient in sooo many delicious things that I love (who doesn’t?!) -> cheese, cream cheese, ice cream, chocolate, sour cream, cheese, cheese, more cheese… the list goes on. I knew this was going to be difficult for me to kick (besides seafood) but I didn’t realize exactly just how hard it would be. Understanding there are substitutions for all of my favorite products, I need to commit & start using those more but sometimes that ‘oh whatever just eat it’ mentality takes over or I’m slightly grossed out by the substitutes which derails me. These are all excuses, eventually I will get it right. I wanted to share the struggle I’ve been having. I’m thinking about doing a 3 week Vegan challenge starting next Monday but we will see what happens.

IMG_7239Last night for dinner, I did choose to use some dairy substitutes which turned out to be surprisingly tasty! Although I still included seafood in the meal, I felt successful! I made shrimp fajitas and chose to use Trader Joe’s shredded soy cheese & Toffuti sour cream instead of the real stuff like my boyfriend. In all honesty, they were just as delicious! I’m looking forward to using these products in other meals I cook… and for leftovers at lunch!

PS- I didn’t get up this morning to run like I had planned to….

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  1. A friend of mine just got this book and loves it. I hadn’t heard of it until recently, and looks like I need to check it out!!

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  2. I’ve heard good thing about that book! I don’t really get what the hubbub is with them not being white, but whaaatever. People just want something to whine about, I feel.

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    1. I don’t get it either…. but to each his own, right? I agree -> they just want something to whine about! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  3. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    omg. that book. haha. I so want to buy it now.!!
    and aughhh. I totally feel you about the vegan struggles. I want to go fully vegan someday before I’m 30, but the cheese, and dairy. idk how I would do it. lol


  4. I’m the opposite of vegan – I’m paleo! But, I would totally buy this cookbook anyway and make stuff out of it. The name alone is intriguing. Thanks for posting the review!!


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