Monday Motivation

I’m kicking myself for not getting out of bed this morning to run and do BBG. I told myself all night last night that I was going to get up & get it done but when I looked out the window after my alarm went off, it was a little rainy outside so I used that as an excuse to stay in bed. Now I’m really wishing I sucked it up because it was barely raining. I hope it’s not raining when I get out of work tonight so I can get right to it. I’m determined to wake up early and work out every morning the rest of the week. Up until the middle of April I was in a really good workout routine, getting up at 5am to get my runs done early which started off my days the right way & left me time after work to do whatever I needed to do. When the clocks changed, I really wanted to be running outside so I switched to after work running. I just can’t seem to get back in the swing of it as I’ve been trying for the last 3 weeks but have had no success. I’m determined to get back on the morning workout train! Here are some quotes that I’m using to motivate myself:

create own opporunities

Run The DayI can & I will

Daily Routine

only limit si you

I’ve been obsessed with creating a cute little office space in my apartment for myself for over a year now – thank you, Pinterest. Last week, I finally started to put it together after cleaning out our reformed junk room! It’s a work in progress but I’m excited to keep decorating. It’s nice to be able to put a ‘girly’ touch on something. I’m also looking forward to having a desk to sit at. It will make writing these posts much better… but I need to get a desk chair first! There’s still a few more things that I would like to get before it’s completed but I can’t wait for the finished product!IMG_7230


Happy Monday!

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  1. nona says:

    I’ve been having such a hard time getting up in the mornings too! But, running after work lately has been hard to swing, too, so today I finally got my butt out of bed at 5 am and it was totally worth it! 🙂 Keep at it!

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    1. Exactly, I don’t really enjoy running after work so I know I need to get back into the morning habit! But ugh… I just love my bed 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement!


  2. The Dude Run Run says:

    By all ways possible I agree with the whole morning routine. I cannot run in the afternoon or after work. I am drained, my drive is gone and my times suffer massively. Now get me up in the am and run me a bit before work I am that annoying vibrant “How is your day going” dude that everyone hates in the office! I dont even drink coffee or caffeine. Good luck in getting up the rest of the week! Like your one things says “you run the day or the day runs you!”

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    1. Exactly why I was on a morning routine, I can’t run after work but when the time changed was just dying to get outside… I don’t drink coffee/caffeine either and I’m the same way if I get a run in before work 🙂 Happy Monday to you!

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  3. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    I am trying to become a morning runner this summer – and it is not easy! I was going to run this AM and skipped and I’ve been mad at myself all day for it. My schedule is flexible so I can just do it tomorrow AM instead, but I’m worried that Morning Brain will talk me into skipping again :-/

    I love your office space!! I would love to do something similar but our apartment is too small and cramped. But that’s okay, because for the next few months my home office is our porch and I’m lovin it! 🙂

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    1. It really isn’t easy! I’m not kidding when I say morning brain took over the last few weeks that I’ve been trying to get back into it! But once you’re in that routine, it’s so worth it!! Porch office is the best kinda office in my book 🙂


      1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

        I thought of you this morning – I got up and got my run in early this AM! YAAY!

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      2. Proud of you!! Unfortunately… I didn’t, again! I was awake but snoozed my alarm 3 times before I said okay I’ll just run after work. Kicking myself in the butt again though because I’m pretty busy later. I will get do it tomorrow & Thurs!!!


  4. Amy Lauren says:

    With the heat here, I’ve had no choice but to embrace morning running. What’s helped me was just starting with one morning a week and build from there. Inevitably, some mornings I will want to sleep in- and that’s fine because maybe if I can’t drag myself out of bed to run, I probably need the rest and just do a lighter workout later in the day or take the day off. Normally I run first thing in the morning on Monday and Tuesday, sunrise yoga on Wednesday, and I let myself sleep in on Thursday- knowing that I do get that one day to sleep in helps me on the other days :).

    I love your little space set up in the apartment. It’s so neat, clean, and pink!

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    1. the heat is another reason I want to get back in the morning groove! It hasn’t been too hot here yet too so I want to take advantage of getting into that routine before it hit!


  5. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:



  6. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    LOVE the new desk area 🙂 looks adorable.
    and yea, Idk how people run in the afternoon either.. I make a million excuses by that time of the day, if I do it first thing in the morning than my mind doesn’t have enough excuses not to go. Plus I’m a morning person by nature. Best of luck getting back into your routine girl.!

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    1. Thanks! I’m really determined to get back into it!

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  7. It’s soooo hard to start working out in the morning but once you get in the habit, it gets easier!! Some days are just rough, though! Your home office is so adorable!

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    1. It is too hard.. I failed again this morning and yet again kicking myself in the butt already because there’s other things I can be doing later!! Have a great day 🙂

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