Chitown Training & Tacos

Looks like I will begin training for Chicago a little bit sooner than anticipated and I’m beyond pumped! I was able to chat with my running coach yesterday afternoon about what goals I want to accomplish this training cycle. We decided that Monday would be the kickoff day! I’m looking forward to working with him this training cycle as he’s going to provide much more guidance/feedback than last time. This will definitely hold me more accountable. Earlier in the year he helped me focus on the correct paces to train at in order to finish the race in my goal time. This time, he’s creating my training plan and providing it on a month-to-month basis as opposed to all at once. I like this idea for two reasons; 1) I like that the training plan will be tailored to my needs. 2) I won’t get ahead of myself which will aid in really being able to focus on the week that I’m in. A mantra that I like to use during long runs is “focus on the mile you are in”. I’m going to switch it to “focus on the week you are in” as my overall training mantra so I don’t get overwhelmed as mileage starts to increase. I’m excited to see what the first month looks like! I have a really good base going right now so I know I can only get better!IMG_7093

Last night was Taco Tuesday. Mine were sweet potato + black bean + kale + corn with some taco sauce while the boyfriend had traditional beef + salsa + lettuce + cheese. Man, they hit the spot. My boyfriend isn’t a cheese addict like I am (even though I didn’t use any last night..) and I wish I could be more like him. Monday night I made stuffed peppers and was able to save ½ the meat I used for my bf’s, for his tacos, so I really only had to cook up my ingredients which made for a quick & easy meal!

I’m still SO sore from starting BBG on Monday night… it’s worse than it was yesterday. I’m not complaining, because it’s that good kinda sore and definitely different from a post long run soreness. I swear I forgot I had all these other muscles & I feel pretty pathetic! I took the elevator yesterday and today. I try to make it a point to use the steps, but man I just really wanted to avoid them. My alarm went off super early this morning so I could jump on the Wednesday workout train but I was really loving my bed so I’ll circle back with the arm workout at a different time. I already know I’m in for it tomorrow morning but hopefully the legs will be a bit better!


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  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    yumm those tacos sound and look so good.! I’m jelly
    and next week.!!! just a couple days away from you starting your marathon training. How exciting.!

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    1. Yes!! I’m excited 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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