Spring Race Season

As spring race reason came to a close, I was looking forward 3 weeks of not being on a race training schedule. It’s already 16 weeks out from Chicago so I’m continuing to run in order to maintain the base that I worked so hard to build. Also, I’m running a half on my birthday next month (hello 25) so I need to stay in shape for that. I’m excited to ‘run for fun’ during these weeks, compared to being in training when there’s always a daily goal. Don’t get me wrong, being in training is one of my favorite parts of marathoning, but it’s been a long 6.5 months.

IMG_7024The spring has been awesome; I’ve crushed the running goals I set for myself which sets a promising precedent for my fall goals. I ran 3 marathons in 49 days which qualified me for Level 1 of the Marathon Maniacs. I checked 2 more states off my 50 States Club bucket list which now totals 4 states. There were no setbacks as far as injuries (minus that week of taking it easy due to my piriformis flaring up). I’m continuing to learn what I’m truly capable of when I set my mind to it & can’t wait to see what is to come.

I’m ready to focus on some other areas of fitness for a bit which will in turn make me a better runner. Starting on Monday, I will be tackling Kayla Itsines 12 week Bikini Body Guide. I’ve had this guide since the fall but still haven’t completed a full week of it. I was all pumped to start it again earlier this year but my lack of strength training since college soccer made itself apparent. Muscles that I hadn’t used in forever were SO sore, that I didn’t even want to run. Running was most important to me at the time, so I promised myself that after all my spring races were complete I’d hop on the BBG train. I’m hoping during these weeks ‘off’ I’ll defeat the worst of the soreness before starting a new marathon training plan. My goal behind completing this guide is to become slimmer and stronger which will lead to a happier, faster Jackie. I’m absolutely determined to follow through with this and can’t wait to start!



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  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    I’m running for fun right now also.!! 🙂 it is nice to just enjoy a run and not have to worry about training.
    hmm. I’ve never heard of Kayla Itsines 12 week Bikini Body Guid, but sounds brutal if you were that sore.!! if I ever wore a bikini I would try it. haha


    1. It is nice to just enjoy a run & not have to worry but that itch is back and I want to train hard!! It’s so weird how that works.

      Kayla’s BBG is pretty brutal especially once you get into the later weeks of the program. There’s a hastag about it– #DeathByKayla!! I’m just hoping it will help my running.. I need to get stronger!!

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